Co-Creating new directions for a fulfilled, joyful, inspired life.

Our Visionary Life

Hello and welcome to Our Visionary Life. We are Wendy Schmitt and Greg Matigian. Together we work with individuals and groups to create clarity and passion for what we all want most of in life.

Wendy Schmitt desired to share a spiritual path with a soul partner. She wanted every part of her life family, work and play to be consciously growing and inspired. When she meet Greg this heart expanding journey began. Their relationship has provided support and inspiration for each others individual gifts and a beautiful new creation of the work they offer together. She currently is inspired to share, grow, explore and serve through Yoga, Qoya, Visionary Coaching, Labour Doula, and Crystal Bowl Meditations. You can find more of Wendy’s bio and offerings here.

Greg Matigian is a certified visionary coach and founder of The True Life Initiative, a program designed to inspire and activate potential in people to live the true life they desire. Greg Matigian has spent ten years studying spiritual practices such as Taoist kung fu, Buddhism and yoga to emerge as a “potential activator”: he encourages people to explore their own unique driving forces in order to bring more awareness, joy and fulfillment to their lives. You can find more about Greg and what he offers here.


If you are interested in taking a yoga or meditation class with us here in Southern California you can find our class schedule here.  We hold our classes at multiple studios, however our calendar is regularly updated.


We offer Qoya & Masterful Living Gatherings and a specific workshops on a number of topics (See calendar). Our annual Mount Shasta retreat information can be found here.


We are also open to speaking at or leading retreats in your neck of the woods. If you would like to request an event or brainstorm how we may be of service please feel free to reach out and contact us through email or by telephone.

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There are endless ways we can assist someone in stepping into their own truth. We have our own unique approach to supporting individuals who want to create their desired reality. If you have questions about how we may help you please contact us today. We would love to hear from you.

~Wendy & Greg

Trust your questions and live in their wonder.