A Life Inspired By True Wisdom

Underneath our popular cultural mythology lie your own private desire to be alive. In many cases this desire lives as a quiet voice inside your head. Commonly known as your “conscience.” In healthy cases your conscience will guide your life with virtue, and you will create a happy and successful life. In unhealthy cases, your conscience will be rebelled against, as well as the rest of the world’s advice, and you will live in a constant state of rejection, rejecting even your own happiness and success. In almost all cases your conscience is “quiet” or a little voice in your head. Piled upon it are all the necessary filters of our popular societal and cultural conditionings. Such as, everyone has to grow-up and get a job, mother knows best, what will the neighbors think, life isn’t fair, and lastly my favorite, everyone has to pay taxes and die. Of course there are many I didn’t mention, but hopefully you get the point. These powerful beliefs become the loudest voices in the room, and your quiet voice becomes harder to reason with.

Desire be as it may, your will to experience your own life the way you want to peaks its head up from time to time to remind you of your own significance and the so far unmet dreams.

I am not here to call out everything wrong in the world and build my army to bring about a new world order. My intention is to strengthen all the inner-voices that call for authenticity. The premise being that, your life if turned inward to properly listen to that quiet voice has within it a life that is full of real knowledge, happiness beyond popular methods of measurement, and the single greatest connection with all that is you. As an extra bonus having a greater understanding of who you are exactly comes with it a deep and dynamic understanding of what your life purpose is.

Yes, I do believe in such wild ideas.

Beyond our popular archetypes where Princes go off to save beautiful and vibrant Princesses from wild beast of horror, is a land of clarity and universal wisdom that does not end with the sun setting on a cowboys back.

Your life has two paths (many more, but for time sake two) where on one you live out the past drama of memory. Not entirely yours, everyones’ recorded thoughts, especially those closest to you. Your day to day life is filled with fixing broken ideas and mending sad hearts. Very little new thought arises for introspection because it might invalidate the suffering of everyone around you.

The second path is more truer to the natural state of evolution.

Wisdom, unseen by the naked eye, is omnipresent and guiding each action back to its proper place of balance. Human desire is inspired for more physical experience of unseen wisdom created in the Mind. Finally the individual Mind being properly attuned to the most current state of natural evolution, thus all Wisdom being complete and just. On this path when you listen to your conscience your life is inspired by up to the millisecond Wisdom. Your dreams or inspirations are not silly fantasies, they are intelligent blueprints for future creations. If chosen and acted upon the journey to physical manifestation comes naturally paired with life-lessons aimed at a greater understanding of Self, Humanity, and the greater Cosmos. And, at the end of you day even your dreams become evolved into grander and more encompassing dreams.

Are you expecting me to give you more? Maybe a couple bullet points to support this life-changing transition…

Okay, but this is just to get you started.

First never, never try to rebel against your natural state. If you find yourself acting out, playing that old record of pain and suffering allow yourself the delicacy I like to call compassion. Remember you are always evolving, even those nasty little buggers we call conditioning.
When you wake up in the morning ask yourself the question: What is true for you? And, most importantly sit around long enough for that inner-voice to respond. Just because your facebook loads at the speed of light doesn’t mean your inner wisdom awaits your fancy anytime you are inspired to ask a question.
Stop asking for advice. No one knows you better than you. Your life is your own adventure, while there may be others who join you from time to time, their responses will always come from their own pool of wisdom. While their answers in most cases will be logical, they will based on their old knowledge. (Not in ALL cases, but to be on the safe side 99.99%)
If you don’t agree with the above mentioned advice (yes, I understand that this too is advice) ask your own conscience if the advice was worthy of your action and judgements. Advice centered on technical nature is good. Inspiration almost always comes in the form of a blueprint, thus taking on advisors to make technical calls is important until you can safely make those calls yourself. Remember this is a j o u r n e y. You will learn both inner wisdom inspired from a timeless place and worldly matters necessary in physically creating your dreams.
Lastly, and most importantly never doubt your inner-voice. All wisdom that is found within centered from an earnest desire comes from a place of truth, your own truth. Each adventurous answer will have major and minor life lessons. Just because you find yourself in low spirits doesn’t mean you failed or made a bad decision. On the contrary you are EVOLVING into the person in which your dreams are a physical reality.

I know I am presenting a rather new concept, possibly even uncomfortable for some, but the only thing at stake here is you and a life lived by your own private desires and dreams. This world if it needs anything in my opinion is a dreamer that has awoken to create their own inspirations. The crumbling society is waiting for answers that cannot be found in the rubble of the past.

13 Miles In

We all want to reach a level of success to reassure us that our efforts aren’t wasted. I use metrics for my business, meditation practice, and with my clients to confirm that I am coming closer to my goals. At times, my results look like I haven’t advanced at all, which can lead to doubting the reality of my initial inspiration.

Is it really possible to self sabotage our most sacred dreams on the way to success before we reach the finish line? And was I doing this?

Most of the time I don’t believe in giving as much credence to “solving problems” as I do to simply persisting toward a vision. A lot of times, if we focus on a problem, we can derail ourselves from what we are really working on in the first place. Yet, in any journey it’s important to pay attention to the signals. I was getting signal to look at whether my efforts were hurting my chances at success or whether I was in fact just going through the step by step process that is natural to reaching a goal.

I thought about it for a while, and it was during one of my weekly meditation classes that I had an epiphany. This epiphany laid my doubt to rest for good.

I’d like to share the experiences I had that brought me back to my original belief and reinforced my idea that the challenges we face along the way are just challenges, not roadblocks. It all started a few weeks ago, but my epiphany came in the short period of a day and was inspired by two interactions with clients.

First, my client (who I will refer to as Rochelle) and I went for a walk through the park. As we started off on our walk she asked, “What do you think I am doing wrong? Why haven’t I reached a level of success that is in direct proportion of my efforts?”

I understood where she was coming from, in fact, I ask my self that same question every time I look at my bank account. Rochelle went on to compare her journey with another person in her field who, immediately after starting her career, was reaching a high level of success.

As I listened, I searched for an answer, but couldn’t find the words to lift Rochelle out of her self-doubt. I thought of my own situation and how much work it has been to create the “life of my dreams.” I then asked her if her actions were in alignment with her inspirations. For my own case, I know that sometimes I feel like I veer off course and get lost in the mundane details. Rochelle told me that while she checks in with her inspiration daily, she felt her actions somehow didn’t take her all the way to her desired point of success. We decided to enjoy the rest of the walk and come back to the conversation later.

If we continually to stop and judge our actions before passing the finish line, we can get lost in our shortcomings.

This concept of self sabotage was picked up again a day later as I was hosting my weekly meditation class, this time from a different angle. Sarah (a regular attendee) brought up the concept of wanting to let go of what she didn’t want in her life so that she could receive more of what she wanted. While I understand her rationale, something about the way she said let go of what she didn’t want  set off alarm bells for me to look at this more closely. While Sarah went on with more details about her situation I drifted off on a little treasure hunt.

I found Sarah’s thought process similar to how my girlfriend raises her daughter. My girlfriend’s daughter (Stephanie) goes through her old toys every day after Christmas and makes a pile of what she will give away. Stephanie has been taught to keep her toys to a reasonable number so that her room won’t look like a rat’s nest by the end of the week. By regularly cycling through her old and used toys, she is rewarded with new and exciting toys every Christmas and birthday. Sarah very well could have been raised with this same ideal, that is, having an excess of old toys meant she wouldn’t have room for new things she wanted to experience. In any case, her current thought process pointed directly to what I was rediscovering. Sarah and Rochelle both felt that their wrong actions were responsible for not having what they wanted in their life. As reasonable as that sounds, I disagree.

I do not believe that our actions sabotage our efforts. While at times we need to stop and reflect on the reality of our goals, the challenges we face only help us focus on going all the way.

We live in a linear timeframe, where our actions follow our inspirations, and if properly acted upon we end at our desired goal line. However, the teetering of the mind can blind our rational judgement. If we extract a micro-moment, depending on the day, our actions can appear off course, which can drive anyone to judge their actions as hurtful to their desired success. Rochelle and Sarah both judged their actions and thought they were at fault for obstructing their success. Probably through the process of elimination they found the one place where they felt their own actions were impeding them from experiencing what they really wanted. This is the furthest from the truth.

For those of us who feed off clear and energized inspiration, the key to success is persistence. Think of a marathon runner. Chances are, by the thirteenth mile the runner’s head is no longer upright with a smile. Their focus is on the ground. A repeated thought travels across their mind – one foot in front of another, keep going until you see the finish line. Judgement is set aside, because they know any negative thought will not help them reach their goal faster. There is no doubt or misunderstanding in their head. They must run the whole course. When they cross that white finish line they know they have finished the race.

No matter what inspired them to start the race, the element of persistent action is required to get them to the finish line.

Inspiration is a key element before venturing off in any direction, but if we stop and judge our actions before passing the finish line, we can get lost in our short-comings. The truth is that we all have short-comings and will from time to time make mistakes. But, these errors are not responsible for our success or failure. Instead, it is action, action, and more action.

These two interactions helped me to confirm my beliefs that if I don’t like where I am, I don’t need to put as much focus on judging my efforts. Rather, like a runner, these moments when we find ourselves in the middle of the race, it is more important than ever to put one foot in front of another and keep adding what you know works. Eventually, with the right amount of persistence I believe that we will all reach that finish line, and until that day I won’t judge my efforts.

I wanted to end this post by mentioning a book, The Path Of Least Resistance, by Robert Fritz. If you want to explore these ideas a little further, I recommend picking up a copy. He writes about pursuing a vision, and it might be useful for anyone who lives by the process of creativity.

As of right now, for all of us in the middle of the race, just remember it takes all your efforts to reach the finish line, and no step is wasted.