Our Visionary Life

The Teacher Within
A Contemplative Practice For Devine Communication

There is a deep desire within all of us to look within and learn about the nature
of the mind and the world. Privately we have always yearned for Devine guidance and direction for our lives. The easiest way to receive this advice has been to search out spiritual teachings and devote ourselves to a regimented practice. In most cases if you could persist in your work you would eventually come back full circle to the truth you already knew within. It is time to continue this journey of self realization with a group of people who wish to learn from the true teacher, the Teacher Within. If you have ever wanted to cultivate or strengthen your connection with your own personal divinity now is the time to do it in a way that is authentic to your own true

Please join us for a two-part series that will focus on strengthening your own
communication between your Soul and the Mind. Through guided mindfulness exercises paired with group dialogue, we will grow and learn

Benefits of attending class:
• Gain a liberating perspective
• Clarity and direction for life choices
• Confidence in decision making
• Insight into the nature of the Soul
• Expanded viewpoint on life
• Embody your divinity

This practice pairs perfectly with all other forms of spiritual practice.