greg2Hi, I am Greg Matigian. I would like to take a moment and catch you up on who I am and why I am a part of this project.

I think I can safely say that I was born into this world as a searcher for truth. Nothing made sense to me at such a young age, I was frustrated, angry, hopeless, and hurt. My own family life was plagued with dysfunction, which only inspired greater questions and looking for answers outside of the framework of this physical reality. I can remember specific events that made me question if love existed what-soever at all. This lack of true love within my own family made it clear for me to see it missing in the Church, in schools, and in everyday relationships. By the age of 13 I didn’t believe in anything, especially my own connection with Spirit. But yet, I still had a burning list of questions to answer, and I wasn’t going to let what I didn’t believe in stop me from finding my answers.

My turning point happened at sixteen. A friend gifted me a small blue book, no bigger than 50 pages on Taoism. The concepts were so foreign, and yet all made perfect sense. I knew that I had finally found the first example of truth. For the next 15 years, my life was intensely focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the Tao through learning traditional kung fu from an Orthodox Taoist priest. After receiving my discipleship, I turned my focus to yoga and other Eastern-based traditions. From Tibetan Tantra, Bon, Hinduism, and various forms of Buddhism, I explored the subtle meanings of life. Yet, with each new tradition I was left with more questions.

greg1What I came to realize was that all my personal life questions had been answered, however, through the lens of whatever respective tradition I was studying at the time. I spent almost two decades learning from my teachers and their traditions in order to gain their higher understandings. And yet, the answers I found did not completely satisfy me.

The universe and all its secrets opened up to me the day I arrived in Mount Shasta. While listening to the wind travel miles up the mountainside and then blow over my head, a calmness set into my spirit that seemed to immediately quiet all need to find meaning from an external source. For the next two years, I cultivated the trust and courage to follow my own internal source of knowledge. As I would come to realize throughout my entire life, I had always been following this inner source of wisdom. With a desire to live a life seeking answers behind me, I was ready to build a life based on all the knowledge I accumulated.

So by now you are probably wondering what spurred my interest in co-directing this project.

Each and every one of us has a true path. Once that becomes clear, your foundation has been laid and you can start building your ideal reality. Our Visionary Life is our way of creating a sustainable future. Instead of turning in circles trying to find more answers, I want to provide the inspiration for you to start creating with the knowledge you already have. Once you set off from a place of clarity, your ideas will organically draw the appropriate follow up steps.

Together we will create a life inspired by what matters most.

My Offer
To You

“When you have the courage to live your own path, you find what you are capable of. Every day is your invitation to come alive. When you are ready to say “yes” to building a life inspired by your gifts, the world will open up for you.”


Our Visionary Life & Greg focuses on three main areas:

1. Finding clarity, purpose, and passion

2. Creating from your own unique wellspring of knowledge

3. Co-creating sustainable support for future projects

Group sessions are where the magic of co-creation happens. We all have unique gifts to share whether we are accessing them or not. Each week we dive into the pool of potential and explore what begs to come alive. Classes are a blend of active engagement, meditation and play.

Join open-minded individuals to:

• Develop your intuition for greater self-awareness
• Understand incoming signals for a clear direction
• Cultivate trust in your own inner source of knowledge
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More than your average life-coaching session. Together we start off at the edge of your potential. I will guide you on an intimate and focused journey in discovering how to create your own authentic life inspired by purpose & passion. Each and every session is a true collaboration between my highest point of potential and yours.

Individual sessions focus on:

• Creating tangible direction guided by inspiration
• Answer any question with clarity no matter how big or small
• Connecting to your deepest passions

$100 – 1 hour $400 – 5 hours
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This is your invitation to go beyond what you previously thought was possible. True Life design guides you to discover your own new thought by traveling beyond social expectations and cultural conditions. Together will will find your driving motivational force. We will align each area of your life to sustainably support your deepest passions.

This package is designed to bring clarity over the course of six months.

In designing the next era of your life you will:

• Discover who you are beyond your story
• Draw from your own wellspring of inner knowledge to answer your deepest questions
• Activate a desire that inspires you to get up in the morning
• Create a pathway to physically express your biggest idea
• Recognize new and inspired collaborators as they appear
• Act with the utmost confidence in actualizing your greatest dreams

$2500 – 30 hours
Email me here to schedule your first session


I would like to state for the record that this project isn’t money driven.
The prices set are to help fulfill my own potential.
If you would like to explore any of these options at a different price point, simply ask.
I welcome the discussion.

Ani Yufe

Greg has such an instinctual and insightful perspective that goes deep into the core of one’s being. Each coaching session has been so empowering, supportive, and exactly what I needed at that moment; what is revealed is a new personal sense of knowing, a transformational state of awareness, and an enlightening and uplifting perspective. I am so grateful for the opportunity to receive so much guidance on a soul level that has been so unique, which I cherish deeply. He is so committed to helping and transforming his people, and has helped me tremendously on many levels ranging from my personal relationships to my career. I would highly recommend and encourage people to take immediate action to receive his coaching sessions for enlightening guidance and support.”

Working with Greg over the last two years has completely transformed my life. He has helped me achieve my dreams and become so much more than I could have ever imagined. My life is filled with so much joy and satisfaction as a result of working with him. Greg is incredible, he has helped me discover my gifts and activate my potential. Every session with Greg has been a new and amazing journey that always brings growth and valuable information. I am so grateful for Greg and all the work/play we have done together. I feel so blessed that he is a part of my life!”


Working with Greg is such a great, wonderful gift. He is one of the most trustworthy and loving souls I have ever had the chance to encounter, both in real life and in his Visionary sessions with me. Greg, you always brought me to a much better place during these sessions. I felt uplifted and I could see new possibilities in the areas where I had
the most resistance to even feel for myself. You gave me wings to fly. Just knowing that you are alive and can give me a session fills me with so much happiness, gratefulness and security. Thank you, my friend, for having walked next to me in moments of great distress. Now I am actually starting to feel the difference between me and the other, and starting to see how creative and freeing it can be to be individuated on this beautiful planet Earth. You saw it. Loving you so much.”

Working with Greg is a magical ride! He has helped me to open up to the possibilities of our existence beyond what we see and know everyday. He also gives you the tools to drive your own ship and to access your Greatest potential. I have very much enjoyed the process, journey and results of working with Greg.”

Alison Love

Is there anything more valuable than knowing your self and what you are capable of?