My vision is share all the tools of transformation that have added to my life, my purpose is to align energetically to create from my essence into the physical from all the information that has brought me momentum and clarity from the past to this present moment. My individual growth can be attributed to staying present and working with what is available collectively. From doorways that have created seamless access to information for forward movement.

My goal is to live, inspire. I invite you to expand, transform, and explore what is possible. Through taking our collective experience to partner with evolution we can intentionally create and exalted life.


I intuitively hold space for greater clarity to assist my client for conscious creation, through

My intention with each class or person I work with is forward movement towards a desired goal.
Within each one of us is an infinite source of possibilities, whether we are creating a conscious birth or dancing our essence, together we embody the grace and strength to live our true design.

Currently I am offering weekly Yoga and Qoya classes. My schedule regularly changes, please check our event page for an updated schedule.

If you would like to invite me to speak or lead/ co-lead an event please feel free to email me your request.

Experiences that have led to my offerings

Matrix Energetics
Visionary Coach Training, Visionary Network
Energy/Intuitive Intensive, Visionary Network
Source Energetics, Visionary Network

Kundalini Teacher Training, Golden Bridge Yoga
Dona Doula Training
Kundalini Inspired Children’s Yoga
Kundalini Prenatal Yoga
Bikram Yoga, Teacher Trainings
Church Of Religious Science

Trust your questions and live in their wonder.